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Metal dish shade pendant light-medium

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Capture attention with the chrome metallics of the Vintage Industrial Saucer Shade Pendant Light.

  • Made from stainless steel with a chrome finish for superior durability and an industrial edge
  • Flared dish shade shape creates an industrial look that projects light outward over your room for better illumination
  • Filament bulb showcases an exposed vintage-chic ambience full of industrial energy
  • Perfect for adorning a spot over your dining area, entrance, or in your stairwell for a dynamic display of luminescence
  • Edison bulb is included for a complete look with convenient installation
  • Choose from a range of size options to suit your needs (Max length of 1.5m from bottom of the light to the ceiling)
More Information
Weight (kg): 1
Height (cm): 35
Width (cm): 35
Depth (cm): 14
Seat Height (cm): N/A
Seat Material: N/A
Frame Material: N/A
Weight Capacity: N/A
Swivel Stool: N/A
style: Industrial
MOQ: 1
Other Features: N/A
Color: Black
Shipping Charges: N/A
Post Code: N/A